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Healthy Food, Healthy Lives


May 7, 2024

Watch a video series that highlights @NYHFoundation grantees and partners who are increasing awareness of food planning as a tool to address food insecurity and boost local economies.
In a new video series, hear from @NYHFoundation grantees and partners who are working to improve regional food systems in their communities.

In this video series, learn from NYHealth grantees and partners in New York State who are increasing awareness and demonstrating the power of food planning as an important tool for addressing food insecurity and boosting local economies.  

Much like planning and preparing food at the individual level, a lot of work goes into planning out ways for cities, communities, and regions to have accessible, fresh, and healthy foods. The approach, often referred to as food systems planning, requires significant coordination, partnership, and community engagement. This video series highlights New Yorkers who are using food systems planning, how they apply it in their communities, and examples of its positive impact.  

What is Food Planning?

Food systems planning is a collaborative process among farmers, retailers, consumers, nonprofits, health systems, and government to develop priorities and implement practices that shape how regional food systems operate. 

It can result in improvements like changes in food procurement at public institutions (e.g., schools, senior centers, Head Start programs), revisions to urban gardening codes, and better access to local food, which in turn have a positive impact on food security and health.  

What Does Food Planning Look Like?

Food planning looks different in every community, but the overarching goal is generally always the same—healthy, affordable food for all. As part of NYHealth’s priority area to support healthy food access, we fund eight food planning groups throughout New York State. We visited one of our grantees, the Syracuse Onondaga Food Systems Alliance, to learn about their food planning efforts and the various community projects they are nurturing.

What Advice Can Help Food Planning Efforts Get Started?

Advocating for food system improvements in your local community can feel overwhelming and figuring out where to start can be a challenge. To help get you started, we asked some of our grantees and partners to share their advice based on their experiences in food systems planning and advocacy.