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December 17, 2014

This Milbank Memorial Fund report identifies and evaluates the evidence for behavioral health integration for severe mental illness—what works, what shows promise, and key implementation areas that are important for successful endeavors.

Mental illness affects millions of Americans and results in substantial disability and costs. About one-fifth of adults with mental illness have a serious mental illness, which interferes with their ability to function normally.

Behavioral health integration is a patient-centered approach that addresses all the health needs of patients. While there is much evidence supporting the effectiveness of integrating behavioral health into primary care settings for adults with depression and anxiety disorders, much less focus has been on behavioral health integration models that target individuals with severe mental illness.

The report offers:

  • A summary of outcomes from behavioral health integration models that target populations with serious mental illness and substance use disorder;
  • Identification of behavioral health integration models supported by evidence and strategies for implementing these models; and
  • Technical assistance resources for integration efforts.