Expanding Health Care Coverage


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Expanding Health Care Coverage


January 1, 2010

This NYHealth-funded report by the United Hospital Fund examines the impact that Federal health care reform and the issues it raises—including, funding for Medicaid, insurance market reforms, subsidies to ensure affordability, and a range of mechanisms to bring the nation closer to universal coverage—would have on New York State.

In 2006, the United Hospital Fund and the Commonwealth Fund issued A Blueprint for Universal Health Insurance Coverage in New York, which proposed a set of strategies to achieve universal health insurance coverage in the State by addressing the unique characteristics of New York State’s uninsured population.

Read the 2006 report.

This 2010 report revisits the lessons of Blueprint for Coverage by showing how the coverage profile in New York has changed; mapping the progress the State has made, noting important Federal changes; and highlighting key policy considerations that New York would face with the passage of Federal reform.