Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management



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Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management


September 30, 2013


In 2007, the New York Health Foundation (NYHealth) funded 12 grantees through the request for proposals (RFP), Setting the Standard: Advancing Best Practices in Diabetes Management.

The goal of Setting the Standard was to move New York State’s primary care system to adopt and spread best practices in disease management and establish them as the universal standard of care for patients with diabetes. The Foundation expected the grants made under the Setting the Standard RFP to advance existing programs; start new ones; and/or build each organization’s systemwide capacity to support, sustain, and institutionalize these efforts. The Chronic Care Model—which emphasizes the importance of delivering evidence-based, planned care that incorporates strategies for diabetes self-management—was a major reference point in the RFP.

This report summarizes the group of Setting the Standard grants funded by NYHealth from 2007 to 2009. Under this grant initiative, the Foundation awarded 12 grants totaling $3.4 million to a diverse set of organizations and provider organization partnerships. The Foundation supported these grantees to use a range of approaches and serve a broad spectrum of populations, including those hardest hit by diabetes and those with co-existing conditions.