In August 2019, New York City announced plans to adopt the Good Food Purchasing Program, a procurement model that gives public institutions the tools and support to implement better food-purchasing policies. Through this program, public school systems, city governments, and other large institutions are transforming the way they purchase food and helping create a more transparent and equitable food system. These institutions learn how to direct their buying power based on five values: health, local economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, and animal welfare. The Good Food Purchasing Program is currently being implemented in 15 cities and jurisdictions nationwide.

In New York State, Buffalo and New York City are leading the charge. Once fully adopted by these cities, the Good Food Purchasing Program could create a tremendous shift in the State’s food system—impacting hundreds of millions of meals delivered by food service agencies each year, which often serve the most vulnerable residents. To make the program a success, multisector collaborations, supportive administrators, and local political champions are critical.

On January 27, 2020, NYHealth hosted a discussion with national and local leaders in the Good Food Purchasing Program. Panelists were:


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