Special Projects Fund

Grantee Name

Hudson River HealthCare, Inc.

Funding Area

Special Projects Fund

Publication Date

August 2012

Grant Amount


Grant Date:

May 1, 2009 – June 22, 2010


Yonkers, the fourth largest city in New York State, has been federally designated as a Medically Underserved Area.

The city lacks an adequate primary care infrastructure and access to care for its most disenfranchised residents, resulting in the use of the outpatient clinics of St. John’s Riverside and St. Joseph’s Medical Center as safety nets for low-income individuals. In 2009, as the worsening economic crisis threatened the capacity of these clinics to sustain its services, St. John’s Riverside and Hudson River HealthCare (HRHCare) decided to transition St. John’s two Valentine Lane Family Practice centers to HRHCare’s network of federally qualified health centers (FQHCs). That same year, NYHealth awarded a grant to HRHCare to assist in the transition from Valentine Lane Family Practice centers to HRHCare sites.

Outcomes and Lessons Learned

  • Provided services to a total of 9,108 patients through the new Valentine Lane Family Practice Centers operated by HRHCare.
  • Moved clinical, billing, and administrative systems from St. John’s Riverside to HRHCare.
  • Garnered widespread interest in and support for the new arrangement through communications activities.
  • Collaborated on an article with Primary Care Development Corporation staff that describes the process for transitioning diagnostic and treatment centers to FQHCs.
  • Implemented a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients in April 2009.
  • Began work on securing funding for wraparound services, such as transportation, translation, and case management. HRHCare continues to work on these initiatives.