In this Grantee Spotlight Q&A, NYHealth Program Officer Bronwyn Starr and Leah Russell, Senior Associate, Center for Court Innovation, discuss efforts by the Center to promote health and wellness in the Near Westside neighborhood of Syracuse, a Healthy Neighborhoods Fund community.

As the community convener grantee for the Near Westside, the Center is working with residents, community-based organizations, and other neighborhood partners to improve the community’s health through a range of activities. The Center’s efforts include providing community-based conflict resolution services; advancing a Take Back the Streets campaign; and increasing resident engagement and leadership.  Through these projects, the Center is working to improve the health and safety of the Near Westside—empowering residents and helping elevate their perception of the neighborhood. Watch the following Q&A segments to learn more.

What is the Center for Court Innovation and its Peacemaking Project?

How Did Peacemaking Become Involved in the Near Westside?

How Does Peacemaking Align with NYHealth’s Healthy Neighborhoods Fund initiative?

Has there been a change in the perception about safety in the Near Westside?

What is the Take Back the Streets campaign?

What is the Summer at Skiddy Park program?
As a resident of the Westside, what do you like to do to be active?

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