Primary Care

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Taking Innovation to Scale

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Primary Care

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February 18, 2014







New York’s health care spending overall and per capita are among the highest in the nation.

Coupled with sub-optimal levels of access, quality, and patient experience, the rate of cost escalation is unsupportable. The need to improve performance and control costs is heightened by the increase in demand for care with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. In response, the State designated advanced primary care as a key priority and had planned for a major campaign among providers focused on improving primary care practice and integrating the management of patient care across types of providers, including primary care, hospital care, specialty medicine, long-term care, and mental health and substance use services. NYHealth awarded the United Hospital Fund of New York (UHF) grant to provide analytical support for the range of efforts to improve primary care by health care providers and the State government.

Under this grant, UHF conducted a systematic analysis of the evolution and development of three major trends in New York: innovations in primary care delivery; accountable care in New York State; and consumer engagement in a transformed marketplace. To identify, assess, and scale up successful approaches, UHF arranged site visits throughout the State and analyzed a range of data sets. In addition, it produced a series of focused issue briefs presenting the key operational, competitive, licensure, regulatory, and policy issues involved in system change. The issue briefs were used as the basis for roundtable discussions engaging key public policymakers and private sector leaders to examine the public policies required to take the innovations to scale.

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