Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management



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Improving Diabetes Prevention and Management


October 17, 2012


This NYHealth fact sheet lists key findings and important facts about the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a community-based program that teaches people with prediabetes how to modify their eating and physical activity habits, and to sustain those changes over time.

Nearly 79 million American adults are estimated to have prediabetes—a condition also known as borderline diabetes. If left unchecked, diabetes is expected to affect one out of three American adults by 2050. The DPP has been shown to reduce participants’ risk for developing diabetes by more than 50%. Researchers have adapted the DPP into a 16-week, group-based program delivered by the YMCA (Y-DPP).

The fact sheet outlines principles and features of the DPP and Y-DPP; key results to date from various studies; NYHealth efforts to implement the Y-DPP in New York State; and steps and resources needed for program implementation.