An updated name. The same commitment.

Dear Colleague,

I’m writing today with some exciting news: we’ve modified the name of our organization to the New York Health Foundation (NYHealth).

Our former name—New York State Health Foundation—was a source of confusion among some stakeholders, leading them to believe the Foundation is part of State government. This tweak will help clarify that the Foundation is a private, independent philanthropy rather than a public agency.

What’s NOT changing is our commitment to distribute funds statewide and to serve all parts of the State. We will also continue to collaborate with the State (and other levels of government) when our agendas overlap and we can combine efforts for greater impact.

On a practical level: our website can now be found at

And our email addresses will now use the convention: [lastname] Please be sure to update your contacts accordingly.

We look forward to continuing our partnership to make New York State a healthier place for all. Forward together!

David Sandman, Ph.D.
President and CEO
New York Health Foundation