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Evaluation Technical Assistance for NYHealth Grantees: Phase 14

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Date Awarded

September 27, 2022








Smaller, nonacademic organizations often lack the experience, time, and resources needed to conduct and implement evaluations that are critical to effective program execution and sustainability.

To address this need among its own grantees, NYHealth began funding in 2008 a technical assistance initiative that offers additional support in strengthening the evaluation aspects of grantee projects. With funding from NYHealth, the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine has provided direct assistance to selected grantees, held training workshops for grantees, and created an online evaluation toolkit to be used by potential NYHealth applicants and current grantees. Through continued support from NYHealth, the evaluation technical assistance program has built on the successes of previous years. In 2022, NYHealth awarded NYU a grant to continue this initiative for NYHealth grantees.

Under this grant, NYU continued to provide evaluation technical assistance workshops for grantees that covered a range of topics, including developing a logic model; designing and implementing a process and outcome evaluation; and coding and analyzing qualitative data. As a result of ongoing office closures because of the COVID-19 pandemic, NYU continued to offer workshop content through monthly, interactive webinar learning sessions. Participants further received evaluation workshop presentations and other resources in an electronic format. NYU also reached out to new grantees to schedule an initial, one-hour consultation. The evaluation team provided enhanced technical assistance to grantee organizations over a one-year period and offered customized support, depending on grantee needs.

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See a Q&A with Dr. Carolyn Berry, who has led the technical assistance initiative since its inception.